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Public Records Requests

Public Records Requests

1.1               Requests for public records shall be subject to the California Public Records Act (California Government Code Sections 6250 et seq.) and shall be handled per the provisions of that act.

1.2               The District may charge a reasonable fee for copying records provided by the requesting party. The charge shall be $0.15 per page for normal size pages and shall be adjusted for odd sized pages or copies that require special handling. The Chief Executive Officer or designee may waive the charge for incidental copies, not exceeding 10 pages, that require minimal handling. There shall be no charge for copies of documents provided as part of a public meeting.

1.3               If the request is expected to involve a significant amount of copies and effort, District staff may make an estimate of the cost. District staff may then ask the requesting party to confirm that the proposed charge and delivery time are acceptable and to signify acceptance in a reasonable manner (written approval, email, etc.). District staff may require a deposit of the estimated cost before making copies. Once the requesting party has agreed to the estimated cost and delivery date, District staff will have the copies made and will deliver the copies when full payment is received.

If a person requests to inspect certain documents, District staff will provide such an opportunity within a reasonable period of time after the request. The document inspection may, at District staff’s discretion, be conducted under the supervision of a District employee. No documents may be removed, copied or tampered with in any way, without the District staff’s permission.

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